Heather Shorey
2 min readNov 14, 2023


Why are we making this pumpkin soup again?

Because Bill Chen. Keep. Kids. Occupied. The sooner we get them off our back, the sooner they are fed, the sooner they are stuffed into an obliviated slumber that rewards us — the matriarchy — with freedom. And God help me, I will not let you take that from me. So get the foil and get this pumpkin down.

I don’t think I’m part of the matriarchy.

Oh yes you are Bill Chen.

Those kids do not look like they are going to participate.

It’s fine. They are participating. Silence is participation.

Pumpkin soup is kind of a weird thing to make.

Anything could be weird to make. Why not make it?

Wouldn’t cookies be easier?

Is that going to give us our freedom? Focus Bill Chen.

I feel like I need a Coca-Cola for that.

We’re moving on to Chi Water.

I’ll puff the pepitas.

Thought you would.

Yes, chef!

This is not Top Chef.

Those silent kids just broke a bowl.

Let’s pretend it didn’t happen for a moment. ‘Quiet, still. Peaceful, calm.’

I feel like we should make sure there are no sharp particles that could potentially lead to injury.

I feel like I need to breathe.

Ok you breathe, I’ll figure out the sharp particles.


I got them on kinetic sand.

Great. Another thing we will have to clean.

It’s fine. ‘Silence is participation.’

But making an alternate mess is non-participation.

Do you think the pumpkin is done?

Peel the skin.

Peel what skin? It’s hot.

Peel it. You’re supposed to peel it and then we blend it.

I feel like it’s done.

How do you know?

Because it feels like it is.

You’ve never made pumpkin soup Bill Chen.

But sometimes you have to know when to call it. And why not now?



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