Heather Shorey
3 min readJun 14, 2022


“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”


“…and then the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. And he can dance, he can dance!”

I am not doing that.

Afa you have to. It’s brilliant.

It is not brilliant. It is stupid.

It is not stupid.

Yes, it is.

No, it’s not.

It is.


You stop. I am not going to emerge from a ball and dance like a butterfly. Everyone will laugh.

No one will laugh.

Yes. They all will laugh.

Only if you think so.

I think so.

You don’t know much.

I know enough.

I know more.

Sometimes you know more. Not this time.

I will never forgive you.

You will. Trust me. You will. I am saving your life.

You are not.

Yes. I am.

If we don’t do that, what are we going to do for the show?

We will not be emerging from a cocoon.


I mean she has a vision. Aren’t you the one who is always preaching about collaboration?

I cannot emerge from a cocoon and dance.

Why not?

Why would I?

Maybe you can do something else instead of emerging and dancing.

Like what?

Maybe something else can emerge.

Do not say a boner.

Do you think you could get a boner on command?

I’ve never tried it. Anyway, it’s not funny.

I’m not laughing.

Then what?

Does something have to emerge at all?

Well that’s how she wrote it. And she’s really driving home this idea of transformation. Like Bible Camp is supposed to be this transformative experience.

Is it?

I don’t know. We are always different when we leave.

But is that because of the bible? Or is it because some things have happened regardless if there was a bible involved?

What do you mean?

You didn’t know me before bible camp. And now you do. People can make us different.


You tell me.

I give you all my burritos.

How has that changed you?

I’ve lost some weight.

Did the bible do that?



I guess. But she’s upset. And she’s my best friend. I hate when she’s mad at me. It doesn’t feel right.

Then you need to emerge from a cocoon and dance.

I will not do that. Didn’t you have another idea?

What if you are in your cocoon and she walks by and puts a straw in it? But like a big one.

What do I do with the big straw?

She writes a message on a piece of paper and puts it in the straw to block off air supply.

How will I breathe?

You blow into the straw and launch the wad into the air.

Then what?

Emily exclaims, “Hark! Hear ye, hear ye! A message of transformation from the womb of this cocoon!”

Do I shout something?

No she runs after the wad and opens it up. Reads it out loud.

What does it say?

I don’t know maybe that John 17:17 verse.

The one about the word being truth?

I think.

I could do that.

Problem solved then. Speaking of problems, do you think you could have your mom not put so much rice in the burrito tomorrow? I’m trying to get down five pounds. My group is making me get on a cross for our performance. It’s supposed to be this huge glorious finale. Like when Patrick Swayze lifts up Baby at the end of Dirty Dancing.



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