Heather Shorey
2 min readJul 7, 2023


Bill Chen. This is the house. I’m telling you.

I think you should take your time.

No. This is it.

But you’re always so indecisive. You change your mind every ten seconds.

True. But when you know you know. And all indecision essentially boils down to is changing the station until you find something you like.

So you like this one?

I love this one.

How do you know?

Who knows how love happens? It just happens. Plus. You’re going to love this.


There are not one, but two — two washing machines! Both indoors.


I thought you’d like that.

So if this is the house, what’s next on the agenda?

I might try dating.


Probably not.

Will you sit at a bar and make loud noises until someone speaks to you?

I feel like those days are over.

Get set up?

People seem to want to always try that with me, but it feels too forced. Like shouldn’t we eat organic food when possible?

So how is this going to happen?

I don’t know. Live my life and actively notice who comes into it? I could meet someone anywhere. A guy asked me out at an airport once. We didn’t even live in the same place. I feel like if we don’t know how love happens we can’t know what the plan is. I mean is it hormones? Is it sustained effort? Like what is it?

What are you looking for?

Someone who wants to laugh and hang out and eat with me. Maybe make out when no one is looking. That kind of thing. Feel like a jolly buddha when I’m with them. Have you ever seen one of those? They just look happy.

That’s a good name for a restaurant.

That’s what I’m going to name my house! ‘The Jolly Buddha.’ Like you can come over and relax and have a couple of belly laughs.

And make out when no one is looking?


I’d go there.

Well, you will be there. Doing yardwork.



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